About Farm Solutions

Farm Solutions is a subsidiary of The Solutions Group, a farmers owned co-operative set up in Co. Wexford, Ireland in 1977.

It was set up in by Wexford Milk Producers, a farmer owned milk supply co-operative in order to address labour and other service deficiencies on farms at the time. Wexford Milk Producers are joint shareholders with Dairy Crest in a milk processing business, Wexford Creamery Ltd.

Apart from Farm Solutions, The Solutions Group has three other business’s in operation providing services to farmers.

Buyrite Solutions - This is a buying group with 1000 farmer members. It provides a professional business and distribution service for a large range of farm input products. Its purpose is to provide quality products at a better than market price by taking inefficiencies out of the supply chain. It has been operating successfully for 10 years. For more details, visit www.buyritesolutions.ie

Magenta Direct- This is an online farm input supplier. It supplies a large range of products which are not easily accessible at the local farm supply store. For more information visit: www.magentadirect.ie

Rocklands’ Financial-This is a regulated financial services company which supplies farm insurance and health insurance to farmers.

Farm Solutions:

It started its development providing short term relief services to farmers. Over the years in accordance with demand, it supplied full time people on contract into its client’s farms. In the period 1998-2007, it was required to source skilled farm people from Eastern Europe to fill on- farm vacant positions. During this period, it had a network of agents providing staff from Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech republic and Slovakia.

In 2009, it extended its farm staff provision services into the UK market also and set up its Wiltshire office and the subsequent development of the Regional manager network.

2012 is seeing the continued development of the international recruitment services and we are looking forward to writing the next chapter of the Farm Solutions story and having our people on farms throughout the World.

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