Assistant Herdperson/ Milker Ref 5840

3 yrs experience  on dairy farm, milking, feeding, bedding, cleaning, plus some tractor work.

After the council owned farm was sold as required, he then took a position in care services sector but now wants to get back to farming.  Has kept his skills up through part time farm work; ad hoc jobs on friends farms he has known since his attendance at  Ag. College.

Stares animal husbandry as his main strength. Certified  in AI & Foot Trimming. Experience at  Assistant Herdsperson Level but ran the  herd for a few months in Herdsperson’s  absence successfully.  Has extensive calving experience,  Block Spring calving.   NZ grassland management experience. Confident on tractor and has worked Keenan Feeder. Wants to work in Somerset, commute from home. Notice required: 2 weeks to 1 month. 

To find out more please phone 01380720567 or email recruitmentmanager@farm-solutions.

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