Farm Manager in Oxfordshire Ref 1389

Position:      Farm Manager 

Location:     Oxfordshire

The Farm

This is an exciting opportunity to manager and develop an Arable, Beef and Sheep enterprise. This estate includes an 800 acres in hand organic farm. On the estate there are 35 Angus suckler cows and followers with 450 Llyne sheep. 

The Position/Applicant:

We are seeking an experienced Farm Manager with excellent operational, communication and people management skills to be an integral part of the farm team.The successful candidate will need experience with livestock and of an arable operation.

Principal Responsibilities

  • To farm for a trading profit
  • To maintain and enhance the existing herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle and flock of Lleyn sheep
  • Maintain the Organic status 
  • Farm in accordance with the extant Organic Higher Level Stewardship agreement
  • Organic arable crops and forage will be grown to support the herd and excess will be sold into the market.
  • Maintain the farm buildings 
  • Maintain all farm assets at a very high standard including buildings, fencing, gates, troughs and tracks.
  • Ensure BPS compliance. The Farm manager will be responsible for the annual BPS claim
  • Assist in enhancing the farm’s environment for game birds and wild birds.
  • Support the shoot and deliver first class game cover.
  • Build good relationships with neighbours.
  • Investigate, recommend and initiate new enterprises.
  • To agree an annual budget including capex and manage to that budget.
  • To maintain accurate and timely field and cow records in accordance with legal and Soil Association requirements.
  • To liaise and work with the Estate Manager.
  • To maintain and enhance the appearance of the Estate.


  • Estate Manager and Bookkeeper together with external Consultant and Agent.
  • Farm Worker (to be recruited)


  • Annual budget to be prepared with help of Estate staff, Agent and Owner.
  • Quarterly Estate meetings.
  • Shoot meetings when called.

The above list is not exhaustive but purely indicative of what will be expected. 
In addition to the above and duties which the job of Working Farm Manager normally entails, the Employee may from time to time, be required to undertake such other duties at the premises as the Employer may from time to time reasonably assign to him.

Farm vehicle for work use
Auto-enrollment pension

Accommodation is 3 bedroom farm cottage.

This is a contract position, where the successful person will operate as an agency worker with Farm Solutions. This means that the person will not have sub contractor responsibilities and all statutory tax deductions and payments will be made by Farm Solutions on their behalf. Hourly pay operates, which includes pay for overtime hours worked.

To apply, please forward your CV to or phone 0744 2491963 for further information.

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